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Releases listed in stock updates below may already be sold out when you read about them. The only reference to use for availability is the "Distribution" section.

June 15th, 2015: Price drop

Most items have had a price drop, including all DC releases! Time to recheck the distribution list.
Back in stock: Myrkr (Ire) - Offspring Of Gathered Foulness

January 18th, 2015: Distribution update

Now in stock:
Volahn (USA) - Aq'ab'al Tape
Arizmenda (USA) - Stillbirth In The Temple Of Venus Tape
Blue Hummingbird On The Left (USA) / Volahn (USA) - Avanzando Debajo Del Simbolo Del Sol Tape

July 20th, 2014

Just a heads-up: even if there isn't much activity at the moment, the distribution section is still active and fully up-to-date! Still available:
DISCOUNTED CRS002: Joyless (Nor) / Dekadent Aesthetix (Rom) - split 7" EP (retail sale/selected trades/wholesale)
DISCOUNTED CRS005: Forgotten Woods (Nor) - As The Wolves Gather Tape (retail sale/selected trades/wholesale)
DISCOUNTED CRS006: Forgotten Woods (Nor) - Sjel Av Natten Tape (retail sale/selected trades/wholesale)
DISCOUNTED CRS007: Forgotten Woods (Nor) - The Curse Of Mankind Tape (retail sale/selected trades/wholesale)
DISCOUNTED Forgotten Woods (Nor) : CRS005 + CRS006 + CRS007 (combination)
CRS008: Dolorvotre (USA) - Dolorvotre Tape (retail sale/selected trades/wholesale)

March 11th, 2014: Distribution update

Now in stock:
Cirrhus (USA) - Cirrhus 12" LP

December 8th, 2013: New website design

The new design is responsive to your screen size and is tablet/mobile-friendly.
If you would experience any major issues you can inform me. Please mention your:

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April 28th, 2013: Distribution update

Now in stock:
Celestia (Fra) - Frigidiis Apotheosia: Abstinencia Genesiis Tape
Grand Belial's Key (USA) - Mocking The Philanthropist Tape
Grand Belial's Key (USA) - Judeobeast Assassination Tape
Grand Belial's Key (USA) - Kosherat Tape
Vlad Tepes (Fra) - War Funeral March Tape
Vlad Tepes (Fra) / Belketre (Fra) - March To The Black Holocaust Tape

January 27th, 2013: Distribution update

Many items have been discounted permanently.

Now in stock:
Ett Lik - Violence in E Minor Tape
Departure Chandelier (USA / Can) - The Black Crest Of Death, The Gold Wreath Of War Tape
Woods Of Infinity (Swe) - 30/7 Tape
Ash Pool (Can) - World Turns On Its Hinge CD
Ash Pool (Can) - For Which He Plies The Lash CD
Vemod (Nor) - Venter På Stormene Tape
Trist (Cze) - Nostalgie 7" EP
Trist (Cze) / Nuit Noire (Fra) - split 7" EP

August 15th, 2012: Distribution update

Now in stock:
Volahn (USA) - Dimensiónes Del Trance Kósmico Tape (third press, yellow cover)
Arizmenda (USA) - Within The Vacuum Of Infinity... Tape (third press, red cover)
Axeman (USA) - Arrive Tape (third press, red cover)
Kuxan Suum (USA)- Kinich Ahau Tape (third press, green cover)
Mata Mata (USA) - Mata Mata Tape (third repress, red cover)
Ashdautas (USA) - Where The Sun Is Silent Tape (third press, yellow cover)
Kallathon (USA) - Before Drifting Into The Abyss Tape (third press, gold cover)
Absum (USA) - Purgatoire 2007-2009 Tape (third press, gold cover)
Blue Hummingbird On The Left (USA) - Bloodflower 7" EP
Axeman (USA) - Arrive 12" LP (red wax)

June 21th, 2012: Distribution update

Now in stock:
Celestial Bloodshed (Nor) - Cursed, Scarred and Forever Possessed Tape
Dark Sonority (Nor) - Kaosrekviem DigiMCD
Urfaust (Hol) / Celestial Bloodshed (Nor) - Split 7" EP
Celestial Bloodshed (Nor) - Serpent's Kiss 7" EP
One Tail, One Head (Nor) - One Tail, One Head DigiMCD
Min Kniv (Nor) - Av Aske MCD
Hypothermia (Swe) - Rakbladsvalsen CD
Rahu (Fin) - Rahu CD
Trist (Cze) - Nostalgie 7" EP
Lifelover (Swe) - Erotik CD
Woods Of Infinity (Swe) - Ljuset CD
Infernum (Pol) - ...Taur-Nu-Fuin... LP
Abyssic Hate (Aus) - Suicidal Emotions LP
Grand Mood (USA) - Final Urge To March Tape
Kestrel (USA) - Weather Eye Tape (ivory covers)
Cirrhus (USA) - Rehearsal 2009 Tape
Cirrhus (USA) - Promo 2012 Tape

March 29th, 2012: Dolorvotre and Arizmenda tapes out now!

Dolorvotre Arizmenda tapes

CRS008 Dolorvotre (USA) - Dolorvotre Tape => Picture
CRS009 Arizmenda (USA) - Without Circumference Nor Center Tape => Picture

Special Dismal Cursings price offer:
CRS005: FORGOTTEN WOODS (Nor) "As The Wolves Gather" Tape +
CRS006: FORGOTTEN WOODS (Nor) "Sjel Av Natten" Tape +
CRS007: FORGOTTEN WOODS (Nor) "The Curse Of Mankind" Tape +
CRS008: DOLORVOTRE (USA) - Dolorvotre Tape
= 17,60 EUR excl p&p (shipping is the same for 2-5 tapes -> it's 22,00 EUR if you add 1 tape)

February 26th, 2012: Distribution update

Now in stock:
Infernum (Pol) - Farewell CD
Wigrid (Ger) - Die Asche Eines Lebens CD
Satanic Warmaster (Fin) - ...Of The Night MCD
Satanic Warmaster (Fin) - Carelian Satanist Madness CD
Sterbend (Ger) - Dwelling Lifeless DigiCD

Back in stock (1 copy each):
Furdidurke (USA) - November 2005 Rehearsal
Xasthur (USA) - Subliminal Genocide

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The printing amounts are never mentioned in announcements, here or anywhere else so don't ask about it.

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