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Releases listed in stock updates below may already be sold out when you read about them. The only reference to use for availability is the "Distribution" section.

July 20th, 2014

Just a heads-up: even if there isn't much activity at the moment, the distribution section is still active and fully up-to-date! Still available:
DISCOUNTED CRS002: Joyless (Nor) / Dekadent Aesthetix (Rom) - split 7" EP (retail sale/selected trades/wholesale)
DISCOUNTED CRS005: Forgotten Woods (Nor) - As The Wolves Gather Tape (retail sale/selected trades/wholesale)
DISCOUNTED CRS006: Forgotten Woods (Nor) - Sjel Av Natten Tape (retail sale/selected trades/wholesale)
DISCOUNTED CRS007: Forgotten Woods (Nor) - The Curse Of Mankind Tape (retail sale/selected trades/wholesale)
DISCOUNTED Forgotten Woods (Nor) : CRS005 + CRS006 + CRS007 (combination)
Forgotten Woods (Nor) - CRS005 + CRS006 + CRS007 wooden boxset (retail sale, final restock)
CRS008: Dolorvotre (USA) - Dolorvotre Tape (retail sale/selected trades/wholesale)
CRS009: Arizmenda (USA) - Without Circumference Nor Center Tape (retail sale/selected trades/wholesale)

March 11th, 2014: Distribution update

Now in stock:
Forgotten Woods (Nor) - CRS005 + CRS006 + CRS007 wooden boxset (final restock)
Cirrhus (USA) - Cirrhus 12" LP

December 21st, 2013: Absolutus (Bel) - Credo Quia Absurdum clip

Third song from the upcoming album "Pugnare In Iis, Quae Obtinere Non Possis":

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October 22nd, 2013: Absolutus (Bel) - Pugnare In Iis, Quae Obtinere Non Possis teaser

April 28th, 2013: Distribution update

Now in stock:
Celestia (Fra) - Frigidiis Apotheosia: Abstinencia Genesiis Tape
Grand Belial's Key (USA) - Mocking The Philanthropist Tape
Grand Belial's Key (USA) - Judeobeast Assassination Tape
Grand Belial's Key (USA) - Kosherat Tape
Vlad Tepes (Fra) - War Funeral March Tape
Vlad Tepes (Fra) / Belketre (Fra) - March To The Black Holocaust Tape

January 27th, 2013: Distribution update

Many items have been discounted permanently.

Now in stock:
Ett Lik - Violence in E Minor Tape
Departure Chandelier (USA / Can) - The Black Crest Of Death, The Gold Wreath Of War Tape
Woods Of Infinity (Swe) - 30/7 Tape
Ash Pool (Can) - World Turns On Its Hinge CD
Ash Pool (Can) - For Which He Plies The Lash CD
Vemod (Nor) - Venter På Stormene Tape
Trist (Cze) - Nostalgie 7" EP
Trist (Cze) / Nuit Noire (Fra) - split 7" EP

August 15th, 2012: Distribution update

Now in stock:
Volahn (USA) - Dimensiónes Del Trance Kósmico Tape (third press, yellow cover)
Arizmenda (USA) - Within The Vacuum Of Infinity... Tape (third press, red cover)
Axeman (USA) - Arrive Tape (third press, red cover)
Kuxan Suum (USA)- Kinich Ahau Tape (third press, green cover)
Mata Mata (USA) - Mata Mata Tape (third repress, red cover)
Ashdautas (USA) - Where The Sun Is Silent Tape (third press, yellow cover)
Kallathon (USA) - Before Drifting Into The Abyss Tape (third press, gold cover)
Absum (USA) - Purgatoire 2007-2009 Tape (third press, gold cover)
Blue Hummingbird On The Left (USA) - Bloodflower 7" EP
Axeman (USA) - Arrive 12" LP (red wax)

June 21th, 2012: Distribution update

Now in stock:
Celestial Bloodshed (Nor) - Cursed, Scarred and Forever Possessed Tape
Dark Sonority (Nor) - Kaosrekviem DigiMCD
Urfaust (Hol) / Celestial Bloodshed (Nor) - Split 7" EP
Celestial Bloodshed (Nor) - Serpent's Kiss 7" EP
One Tail, One Head (Nor) - One Tail, One Head DigiMCD
Min Kniv (Nor) - Av Aske MCD
Hypothermia (Swe) - Rakbladsvalsen CD
Rahu (Fin) - Rahu CD
Trist (Cze) - Nostalgie 7" EP
Lifelover (Swe) - Erotik CD
Woods Of Infinity (Swe) - Ljuset CD
Infernum (Pol) - ...Taur-Nu-Fuin... LP
Abyssic Hate (Aus) - Suicidal Emotions LP
Grand Mood (USA) - Final Urge To March Tape
Kestrel (USA) - Weather Eye Tape (ivory covers)
Cirrhus (USA) - Rehearsal 2009 Tape
Cirrhus (USA) - Promo 2012 Tape

March 29th, 2012: Dolorvotre and Arizmenda tapes out now!

Dolorvotre Arizmenda tapes

CRS008 Dolorvotre (USA) - Dolorvotre Tape => Picture
CRS009 Arizmenda (USA) - Without Circumference Nor Center Tape => Picture

Special Dismal Cursings price offer:
CRS005: FORGOTTEN WOODS (Nor) "As The Wolves Gather" Tape +
CRS006: FORGOTTEN WOODS (Nor) "Sjel Av Natten" Tape +
CRS007: FORGOTTEN WOODS (Nor) "The Curse Of Mankind" Tape +
CRS008: DOLORVOTRE (USA) - Dolorvotre Tape +
CRS009: ARIZMENDA (USA) - Without Circumference Nor Center Tape
= 22,00 EUR excl p&p (shipping is the same for 2-5 tapes)

February 26th, 2012: Distribution update

Now in stock:
Infernum (Pol) - Farewell CD
Wigrid (Ger) - Die Asche Eines Lebens CD
Satanic Warmaster (Fin) - ...Of The Night MCD
Satanic Warmaster (Fin) - Carelian Satanist Madness CD
Sterbend (Ger) - Dwelling Lifeless DigiCD

Back in stock (1 copy each):
Furdidurke (USA) - November 2005 Rehearsal
Xasthur (USA) - Subliminal Genocide

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Grand Belial's Key (USA) - Kosherat

[ Drakkar Productions 2012 ]

5,00 EUR

Black Metal - Professionally manufactured, chrome, sealed cassettes, print run: 100 copies each.


Grand Mood (USA) - Final Urge To March

[ CW Productions 2011 ]

4,00 EUR

"Grand Mood was a fierce alliance that recorded two sessions of black metal and eventually succumbed to its own self-fulfilling prophecy. This is the first one, recorded in August 2007. A complete statement of stoic but shimmering melodic black metal with expressive vocals.
"It talks, and touches, and conspires deeply..."
"Some made to fight
Others made to wander"" - CW Productions
Comes on pro-cassette including an A4-sheet.


Hekel (Hol) - Rehearsal 2005

[ Heidens Hart 2010 ]

4,00 EUR 3,80 EUR

Rehearsal not available before containing tracks from the debut album with a more primitive and to some perhaps better suitable sound (like the "Doodskou" demo).
Limited edition, released on pro tape. No samples.

Debut album samples

Kailash (Ita) - Kailash

[ Choirs Of Delusion 2009 ]

4,00 EUR

"The self-titled debut album by the Italian avantgarde black metal band Kailash first saw the light of day in 2006, on a cdr released by the Italian label Traceroeuno. A year later Paradigms Recordings from England printed a limited run of professional CDs. After listening to this great piece of art, we were happy to join ranks with these labels and do our share of supporting this album by doing the cassette version. Drawing influences from (progressive) rock and metal, black metal of course and even classical music Kailash brew their very own brand of modern extreme metal. Seldomly I have heard blastbeats and harsh vocals melt so perfectly together with jazzy, progressive moments, which even feature the use of a saxophone. Forget all those bands who try to pump every possible element into their metal and end up either like a sampler or a teenager's drug experiment gone wrong. This very band doesn't sound anything like that. While Kailash reminded me instantly of Ved Buens Ende and also of later Ulver or Code, it is a miracle to me, why this release didn't get more of the attention it deserves in my opinion. To everyone who consideres himself a fan of modern black metal with intelligent arrangements and progressive elements, I can only raise my voice to say: "Do not ignore this great album!" - Choirs Of Delusion

Cover image
Sample 1
Sample 2

Kestrel (USA) - Weather Eye (ivory coloured cover)

[ CW Productions 2011 ]

4,00 EUR

Last copy.
"Delusional and mythical music." - CW Productions
Primitive Black Metal rehearsal with atmospheric interludes. Comparable to Cirrhus perhaps.


Nyktalgia (Ger) - Nyktalgia

[ Tanhu Records 2004 ]

4,00 EUR

Last copy.
"Mysterious Black Metal Art!" - No Colours
Debut album much influenced by Abyssic Hate, Burzum and perhaps Wigrid.

Samples (fan page)

Nyktalgia (Ger) - Peisithanatos

[ Tanhu Records 2008 ]

4,00 EUR 3,80 EUR

"Nyktalgia's 2nd opus called Peisithanatos is accomplished by this doombringer to spread the self-fulfilling volition. A must for every worshipper of Strid and Manes!" - Tanhu Records

Samples (fan page)

Toil (USA) - Obscure Chasms

[ Those Opposed Records 2007 ]

4,00 EUR 3,80 EUR

"7 hymns of dark, desolate black metal. For a journey that will take you deep, Deep down within chasms obscure. The nameless hosts of disease calling forth for the end of all things, We listen! We hear! We are DEATH!"
(Un)known from some demos on Meurtre Noire and later a split with Prevalent Resistance (Fin). Without doubt the best album from 2007. Comes with a 4 page booklet including all lyrics.

Sample (low quality)

Vlad Tepes (Fra) - War Funeral March

[ Drakkar Productions 2013 ]

5,00 EUR

Black Metal - Professionally manufactured, chrome, sealed cassettes.


Vlad Tepes (Fra) / Belketre (Fra) - March To The Black Holocaust

[ Drakkar Productions 2013 ]

5,00 EUR

Black Metal - Professionally manufactured, chrome, sealed cassettes.

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